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Reflection Letter

Page history last edited by Juanita R. Martinez 8 years, 11 months ago

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Dear Educational Technology Faculty,


     My educational journey for my Master in Educational Technology began when I embarked on the MTT cohort offered through the Connections Grant and the Donna Right Cohort 2.  I interviewed hoping this would motivate me to further my education and I was very happy when I received acceptance into the program, I eagerly accepted.  Although I knew there would be a long tough road ahead I carried on and tried to do my best. Along the way I met some very exceptional people that have become like family. During the long restless hours to complete and meet the demands of graduate level courses and deadlines, we grew closer and learned to value our education.  When we completed our courses for the certification for Master Technology Teacher. We signed up for the certification exam, during the examination as we were about to submit, there was a major power outage.  This left us in the dark with no way to submit our work. As we drove home in tears, we signed up for the next examination and were so ready to put this behind us. Thankfully all of us that were there that night passed the exam and received the certification, we were so eager to receive.  We were so proud of our accomplishments. I personally was so ready to continue with the program,  Being so enthused about obtaining the certification, that I didn't want to stop there.  I met with my advisor and questioned how long it would take if I were to continue with graduate school and obtain my Masters degree. She laid out a program of study and notified me I was only eight courses away from obtaining my Masters degree in Education Technology.  It was all very exciting and it seemed very attainable, the distance learning courses were what made it all the more possible, as I was able to work on my own time at my own pace.   So I eagerly submitted my application and program of study. As soon as it was approved I began taking courses to continue what I had already started. I had grown accustomed to the work load and felt it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. When my fellow classmates found out I had signed up the for classes they too continued with the program.   As the courses progressed they did however become increasingly more challenging. I struggled to get through with a full time job as a Teacher.  As the courses were beginning to be more and more demanding, so were my job duties. The time and the requirements of  my professional career were  also taking new roles, I was promoted to Head Teacher and Master Technology Teacher Mentor for my campus.   I became the Art Department Head, and was selected to teach the upper level Art courses. I was having to prepare  and plan for four different subjects, AP Art 2d Studio, Digital Photography, Adv. Painting, and Art I.  As the Master Technology Teacher Mentor for my campus I had to take care of campus level trainings, STaR chart, along with other duties.  This meant planning four different curriculums all while trying to make sure to cover all of the other dutie and  responsibilities as lead teacher and MTT Mentor.  The demands of my new responsibilities began to spill over to my personal time and was leaving little time for my graduate courses.  I decided I would not stop going but that I would dedicate my summers to my education,  no matter how long it would take me. As the rest of my classmates continued, some went ahead and finished, while others dropped out of the program and only a couple have stayed at the same level as I.  It has taken its fair share of stress, time, effort, dedication and above all discipline, to have made it this far. I am very proud of my accomplishments and my overall performance has been a major achievement as I will graduate with a high GPA of 3.7.   I must admit that I  have enjoyed every bit of this journey, and I will definitely miss it. My education has taken a whole new light, I have implemented many resources that I have learned into my Art Curriculum, with all the 2.0 tools , Digital work spaces, online art galleries, QR Codes, personal websites, the possibilities are endless. I can honestly say that I have also become a stronger person, I am a mentor to many who need assistance with technology and I am always willing to help. I feel technology isn't going anywhere and its best we embrace it.

     On a personal level, I am married to a very supportive husband and I have 3 beautiful children. My sacrifice has not only been mine, but theirs too. As I forewent many family outings to stay behind to work. However difficult it may have been I hope what lies ahead will all be worthwhile and although it has not been a walk in the park, I do feel like its a dream come true.  I wish this to be a positive experience for my children and hope they see me as their role model.  Ultimately  I did it for them, to provide a better way of life, hoping for new opportunities that will arise, and improve our quality of life.  I want for them to dream big and educate themselves so that they too can accomplish all they set out to accomplish.






Juanita R. Martinez




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